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About Us

Our company started only with the "Dina Wifi" system to continue with other services depending on the requirements of our customers and our ideas. Each time we try to be close to the customer's requirements and in step with the advancement of technology. After the "Dina Wifi" system we continued with the system for sending SMS (bulk SMS) or e-mails in advertising form, holiday celebration or offer for customers. Finally we have also started creating the most professional web pages through our system (Dina CMS) created by our programmers.

Our Mission

At the moment we are more focused on the development of professional websites with modern designs, which are currently missing in our market. We show professionalism through the creation of web pages through our CMS and not with other and ready-made systems or copies. Our hotspot system is a special system for our country. This system gives you multiple manipulation opportunities, ideal for businesses with a large enough turnover of customers. The system enables your router to display ads to clients wishing to access your wifi.

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